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2021 Predicted Design Trends to Incorporate In Your Marketing Materials

Graphic design trends vary every year. Some design experts would agree on a particular direction, while others might have different font or color ideas, for example. Whether you follow graphic design trends or not, trends can give you an idea of what’s relevant. And if we’re to look at graphic design statistics too, more than 30% of marketers invest in posting original visuals to attain marketing goals. But if you’re interested in applying those trends, you can use them in your marketing materials.

So, in this article, know what the predicted 2021 design trends are to use in your marketing materials.


Most experts would agree that 3D would become a graphic design trend that will become present in 2021. Flat designs have become the norm in the past few years. But if you want to stand out from competitors, 3D is the way to go.

Webflow suggests that having 3D elements on your website will make it more lifelike and unique in terms of online marketing collateral. If you have an eCommerce site, you can use 3D to your advantage. It will make things realistic and tangible, which can leave your target audience in awe.

Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes are making waves in 2021, according to design experts. You would notice that designers might use circles, triangles, and squares in some designs. While for most, it may seem random, geometric shapes provide order. Aside from that, according to Venngage, geometric shapes will contrast muted colors.

Make flyers stand out by using geometric shapes. Those shapes may seem out of place, but putting them could pique your target audience’s attention.

Presentations also serve as marketing materials, and you can add geometric shapes there as well. It can make your presentation pop!


Illustrations have remained a constant part of any graphic design trend list since the late 2010s. In fact, many brands have invested in including illustrations as part of their branding because of this. And now you can too! You can find illustration companies that will produce these unique illustrations for your company. As such, illustrations have seeped into their marketing materials as well.

Brands like Mailchimp and Dropbox have set the trend in having custom illustrations on their websites, email designs, social media graphics, and more.

Landing pages are a great place to start in showing off your custom illustrations. Illustrations are great hero images because you want something that pops out. Plus, you can avoid using stock images that may be more detrimental to conversion rates.

Another way to use illustrations is through social media slide decks, another 2021 trend that Venngage predicts. As the name suggests, you can publish this on social media sites like Instagram, where you can post ten images at a time. You can publish informative or educational posts that will make you an authority in your industry, for example.

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Serif Fonts

Typography plays a crucial role in how you present your design. And in 2021, most experts believe that Serif fonts will reign supreme as the premier choice for text.

But what are Serif fonts, and how do they differ from Sans Serif?

The main thing to look at with Serif fonts is the stems at the end of each letter. It’s how they distinguish themselves from Sans Serif ones. On the other hand, Sans Serif fonts don’t have stems at the end of each letter. Sans means without.

Georgia, Baskerville, and Garamond are the most popular examples of Serif fonts. Of course, you shouldn’t limit your text to those. Besides, using Serif fonts will also fulfill another 2021 design trend, nostalgia. Many designers associate Serif fonts with nostalgia and elegance.

Most would use Serif on their websites. For example, two trends that Coastal Creatives points out in their infographic are huge texts and in-text photography. You can apply Serif fonts for those. Other than that, a simple way to use Serif fonts is to post typography images on your social media channels. You can use it to post reviews from customers or quotes.


Nature-inspired designs will become a hit in 2021. This can be attributed to more brands and individuals becoming more eco-friendly. So it’s only right that nature-inspired designs would become essential in marketing materials.

Another thing to consider in using nature-inspired designs is to use muted colors. Some design experts would agree that muted colors provide calmness as compared to bright colors. Plus, some believe that it makes brands authentic. And, like Serif fonts, it will give a sense of nostalgia too.

Other than that, illustrations and nature go hand-in-hand as well. You can add flowers, leaves, or grass as part of your marketing materials. Envato associates nature-inspired design with the Cottagecore trend that became viral in 2020.

Packaging is an ideal place to incorporate your nature-related designs. You can add bits of nature to your packaging. Perhaps, you can use muted and earthy colors as well.

Diversity and Activism

Graphic designs can make an impact. In marketing, graphic design can entice the target audience to take action and eventually turn into a sale. However, what most overlook is how graphic design can convey a message. And in 2021, diversity and activism will take the spotlight in graphic design.

As many brands and businesses realize the importance of diversity and activism, graphic design can present those abstract concepts. Plus, by having diversity and activism in your marketing materials, you’re signaling to your target audience that you’re connecting with them on a deeper level. Not to mention, it shows that you’re in solidarity with social issues.

In terms of marketing, you can use diversity through illustrations. After all, calls for diversity have become rampant because of particular social and political issues. By applying diversity to images, you can show that you have an inclusive brand. Aside from websites, social media ads and posts, and email newsletters, you can use these on blog post images, posters, and outdoor marketing materials.

Asymmetry, Clutter, and Chaos

Here’s another graphic design trend that will continue to stay until 2021. Asymmetry or clutter can entice your target audience because it’s out of the ordinary. And you want to engage your target audience with something that’s intriguing. Even if the trend expects designers to go for chaos or clutter, it’s best to create a structure to avoid confusion.

Websites have become a common platform where you can find asymmetry and chaos. But how else can you apply clutter or asymmetry in your marketing materials?

You can use asymmetry in banner ads! But if you can, use it sparingly. While you want to capture your audience’s attention, you don’t want a totally messy-looking banner ad that they wouldn’t click on.

Aside from that, The Daily Designs believes that typography will also become chaotic, but in a good way! There’s no need to follow graphic design rules involving balance, alignment, and so much more. Plus, this also works with the recurring nostalgic theme. So this is ideal for your social media posts and email newsletters.

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