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10 Must Have A Checklist For Your Business Website

If you into online business or owning an e-commerce business of any scale. It can a large-scale business, medium or small-scale business, it is crucial to include must-have website features for more productivity.

Some business is unaware of the importance of these simple and effective features that can increase the traffic rate and the overall business profits.

Before going into the topic, we should understand that website security is the first and foremost feature you should include while planning your website.

Now let us get into the topic, the checklists are mentioned below:

Domain Name

The domain name is the basic step you will anyway do for making online business happen. A domain represents the identity of your business. This implies your brand, your products, your manufacturers, your service providers, etc.

You should choose the domain name that is catchy and easy to remember. You can check the availability of the desired domain from the domain providers such as GoDaddy and Dynadot. Make sure it is sweet and short and easy to remember.


Always include the navigation bar at the top of every page. The visitors should feel easy to navigate and then they can search for the products they would like to buy. At this step, there are more chances that the visitors can become your customers. Always design a website keeping the audience in the mind.

Need of Security:

If you are running business website, then SSL security is your prime requirement as SSL secures online transmission of data between the server and the browser. When you have SSL on your website, you can see HTTPS before the domain name. Also, the browser will show a green colour padlock means it is secured.

Whether you use single domain SSL or multi-domain SSL/UCC SSL certificate, it depends upon the business requirement from security point of view. SSL2BUY is best SSL certificate provider that offers all type of SSL certificates in cheapest price. If you have multiple sites, buy COMODO SAN SSL Certificate to secure multiple domains that saves your time and money.

Provide Contact Information:

Need not to say but it is vital to include contact information on your website. This should your main office address, email address, landline number, customer care number, a route map. You can also add interesting single liners to attract more visitors.  You can also include the days and timings of working hours too.

Also, include all the social platforms addresses as people connect well even through social pages.

Quality content and HD images:

You must know that the content is the king. Next are images that take the place. Never assume that adding too much content to impress the audience. No, just add the required and the relevant text. Do not overdo. Make it less and sensible.

The visitors can’t handle too many pages and content, actually, no one spends time reading each line. So, keep it precise. A maximum of 500 words is convenient for readers to go through.

Image result for Business Website"

Images with high quality are very essential to include in the product description. People should see the product in all angles, make sure to include a minimum of 5 images of different angles. Especially for clothing websites, images play an important role. Just include a single or two lines of description. Infographics are the latest trend, try including these along with the content and the images to let the visitors spend some time on your website.

Calls to Action

Calls to Action should be included on every page on your website. Always include a contact number along with the hyperlink to your contact page. Highlight the contact information so that the visitors will immediately catch it, also the customer care number and the official email address for any queries.

Try to keep the website landing pages more attractive, the choice of colours should be loved by all, mention all the exciting offers on the landing pages. This attracts more visitors who can turn to your permanent customers.

Responsive Website

Designing a responsive website is very crucial. People can use e-commerce through desktops, laptops, tabs or smartphones. We are all aware of the fact that online shopping is raised to a great extent on smart phones.

Create a smartphone responsive design to target more audience. This is much cheaper than the actual website designing. But, however, it should work for all devices. People hate waiting and cannot wait for loading pages and can leave your website. Another advantage of having a responsive website is Google gives preference in ranking to responsive pages.

Professional Coding

There are many free tools available that help online shopping business owners at an early stage due to budget issues. It is important to make sure that all the required things are well mixed to make your website work effectively.

But if you can invest in a professional website designing will be a good option because you can rest assured that the website is properly packed with all the necessary things. In either way you should always check for landing pages, your images should load properly, videos should play without disrupting, the webpage is responsive. Visitors become disinterested if it takes a lot of time to load all the above things and may leave the page which results in low traffic.

Social Presence:

These are social presence days. People follow their favourites on social media and keep track of everything happening. This is where you hit the spot. Improve your social presence by adding in all the social media platforms.

Add the customers’ reviews, positive feedbacks, and testimonials on social pages to make the audience believe you are doing a splendid business. This way you can easily convince the new customers to purchase from your website. Increase your social presence is the latest trend to keep business going.

Trust Badges:

Showcase your legitimate business by adding images of trust badges. According to e-commerce survey reports it is estimated that there is an approximately 35 percent rise in sales when the trust badges and trust seals are added. This increases the customer’s trust in your business.

Trust badges will act as the bridge of trust between you and the customers. This is also the latest tip to quickly get the attention of the visitors. This will increase business productivity and more profits.

Active Blog:

Adding a blog page to your website is a good idea for your business. Some of the reasons to add blogs regularly are to keep the audience updated about the upcoming technologies, latest fashion trends, and latest gadgets depending on the e-commerce website.

One of the main reasons to have a blog is to drive good traffic to your website. You can connect to all types of the audience well and can learn about their interests. You can also add the comment section and feedback section where you can know the audience’s needs and the things they are looking forward to. You can hire freelancers for quick updates and writings and see the positive results.


As discussed above, following the key elements while planning and designing the website will bring the great results. These should be the minimum list like SEO, sensible content, easy navigation, responsive design will make you stand above all your competitors.

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